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annamaryse's Journal

...my own true Hollywood story....
This journal isn't 'friends-only' but a lot of my content is 'friends-only' ~ so if you only see very occasional random posts, then you're probably not reading f-locked posts. And that's OK. I post random shit too.

LJ is very important to me and I am not leaving.. but, much as I don't prefer it, FB is a necessary evil. Go here:

Anna Maryse

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NEWS UPDATE JUNE 2010 - A LOT HAS CHANGED.... So, I finally got a new job (which I had been searching for almost from day one at the old job...) and right when I got the job is when I was in the middle of hitting the wall, having become too sick to work.

Since I've done such a good job of soldiering on, I really didn't realize how bad off I was. Truth is I nearly died. I was in hospital right before Christmas, and again before the end of January. I was really close to the end of the line, but they were able to operate and I'm still here!

It's taken a long time to recover, I had pretty serious surgery and a lot of complications, but I'm getting stronger every week. I am home on disability these days, working on healing.



NEWS UPDATE FEB 2008 - Still at the Studio City production company.

NEWS UPDATE January 2007

I am working too many hours at the studio city production company where I work now, to do telephone psychic work any more, which is actually a great relief. BF works in Burbank, and we spend more of our time btw Sherman Oaks, Studio City and Burbank than we do driving over the hill.

That's where I'm at: HERE. Where are you?

I haven't finished my book, either, not enough time in the day, and Ebay is a far memory, all I'm doing is working, and I love it.

NEWS UPDATE - summer 2006

I'm working on my book, selling stuff on eBay, and doing telephone psychic work. I also do email astrological and psychic readings by donation. Synastry, which is the astrology of relationships is my speciality.

[I just took the paypal button away since that paypal address is out of commission... and honestly I don't have time to do astrology these days. - July 2008 EDIT]

Wishlist! -- it hasn't been updated in a while.

"Time Just Is. We move through it." -- twopiearr

"I am a writer." - said by ME to the woman on the other side of the desk. November 22, 2005, 11:00 a.m. Pacific time. This is the moment when I step into a new sense of clarity.


I looked at someone's website and found myself. I am indigo. It's all been there all along, but I never knew how to explain it. There it is: I am indigo. I am an indigo elder.

* * *

I am originally Canadian. I've lived in these places: (in no particular order) Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, a village called West Bolton that was 65 miles east of Montreal and less than 10 miles from US Border near Newport Vermont, New York City, Salt Spring Island BC, Seattle, New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Malaga - in Spain. I have also visited Holland, Italy, England, and Japan.

I'm so 'out of the box' that sometimes it freaks people out. Nothing I can do about it, I used to make myself unhappy trying to fit into that damn box, but I just don't fit in there at all. For a lot of my life in a lot of situations I've either been too old, too young, too fat, too thin (there was such a moment!) too female, not white enough, too short, too tall, too straight <-- or was that not gay enough? Etc. You get the idea. I also used to come on too strong - I was way too hyper and into people's faces trying to convince them that I was OK, but then I did some things that basically proved myself to myself, after which I didn't have an insane need to prove myself to everyone else, so I settled down a lot and became pretty quiet.

At one point I was obsessed with the hipster game, and at another I thought I had to be a juvenile delingquent to be accepted. There was a lot of pressure on me to be artistic or something, but I had a really hard time getting in touch with my potential and finding any kind of direction. There was also not a lot of pressure on me to make something out of myself, because I was a spoiled kid from an affluent upbringing.

Some really harsh stuff has happened to me in life, so I have to be very careful nowadays, but as long as I take care of myself, I'm still pretty feisty. It saddens me when I see people trashing themselves the way I did, because man, by the time you realize what you've done to yourself, it's just too late. So please think about it and let me be your poster child for 'Don't do this to yourself'.

I never finished school - explanation above. I spent my teen years and a bit beyond that living in the shadow of a lot of musicians, and was a major club kid. I spent a lot of my life living hand to mouth, check to check, sleeping all day, dancing all night. I've worked in fashion, music, film, television, and the tech sector. I also spent a year working in major airports and that was VERY fun because it was such a grand departure from everything else I've done.

I know a ton of majorly interesting people, but I'm almost a total recluse and hardly ever stay in touch with the people I love any more. Gotta work on that!

My most important political bias is one of non-violence. War is NEVER the answer. I can't sign myself up to fit into any political stereotype other than being anti-war.

I live in Los Angeles these days, very close to where I grew up - with my most wonderful BF twopiearr and our two cats Simon and Muzz. The cool thing about BF is that he loves me for who I am, in spite of all that I am. Last summer we lost our dog (who was my constant companion for 15 years) and I don't imagine having another for some time. Love dogs, but they're a super big commitment.

I am very close to my Dad, who still lives in Vancouver. I've been spending about 50% of my time in Vancouver, since last October because he had a heart attack and needs more of my attention. It is interesting to reconnect with Vancouver friends, and the city's in a great space these days.

I have an intense love/hate relationship with (my only other relative) Avery. He lives in Tokyo, and is a charismatic, fascinating person.

[EDITED 2008 - Avery isn't in Tokyo now. That is all.]

He and I are more like brother and sister than the classic parent/child thang. It's complicated. We have stronger sibling rivalry than mother/son tension. People are usually confused when they have to figure out how we're related. Sometimes I just leave him out of the picture since he's in Japan - out of sight and out of mind - easier than having to explain... but he's very important to me, which is as it should be.

Adjectives: extremely bratty, incandescent, philosophic, psychic, emotional. I have a great sense of humor and if I'm awake, I'm probably making puns. My interests list barely scratches the surface. It's really bogus anyhow... like maybe I said 'stooges' and you put it in as 'the stooges'... or I put 'bowie' and you put 'david bowie'... know what I mean? But shit, I can't even begin to list all the bands I like.

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